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WAR WORDS  The funny, strange, heroic and heartbreaking true stories of our men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Walk with us…




ANDY WARHOL’S TOMATO  When a teenage Andy Warhol finds himself in the basement of a working class bar in Pittsburgh, PA, he discovers inspiration, guidance and friendship from a surprising source.  “CRITIC’S CHOICE!”  — LA Times




SMART LOVE is a new comedy with a twist about science, family and just how far human beings will go in order to salvage love. The Wachowski household is thrown upside down when their son makes a surprise visit home from MIT with an unexpected guest.





I AM SOPHIE is an exploration of identity in which you become the confidante to Sophie Carter, formerly known as Kate Carter. Sophie is a changed woman returning to the United States after living in Paris. She comes home to take care of her father and when she arrives, her loved ones meet Sophie for the first time. What follows is an existential adventure. With humor and an aching heart, Sophie has us all wondering – “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?”


An explosive Drama of Family Greed.  Regina Hubbard Giddens and her scheming brothers, Oscar and Ben, plan to get rich from a cotton mill, but to do so, they must tap into the wealth of Regina’s sickly husband, Horace. The trio attempts to marry Regina’s daughter Alexandra, to Oscar’s son, Leo. When that plan fails, their schemes devolve into theft and blackmail, driving an irreparable wedge between family members.



Bean wrote ALRIGHT THEN as a companion piece to his 2016 hit, SAFE AT HOME, Winner of the LA Drama Critics “Best Solo Show of the Year” award. Alley Mills (The Wonder Years) joins her husband, veteran of film , stage and television, in their new two person show.

ALRIGHT THEN is the story of how two people, who by all odds should not have wound up together, have “made it”. The play is told through humor, pathos and the occasional song … and is an unforgettable night of theatre. Please join us for the true story and magical journey of these incredible artists.


“PRT’s Sunday Concert Series – Playing Weekly at 7pm in our New Venue. Gala Opening November 5th”



Eugene Ionesco’s comic masterpiece. In a small provincial town outside of Paris, the citizens discover how quickly one’s sense of humanity can be eroded when facing the dangers of a herd mentality. A timely and brilliant indictment of impending fascism by this master of Avant-Garde Theater. SUBSCRIBE NOW! RHINOCEROS is the first show of our PRT 2017/2018 Subscription Season.

A Variety Show Celebrating The Holidays (for an off-kilter, rollicking good time featuring Christmas and Hanukah sketches and Chris Mulkey’s  zany holiday songs!) This irreverent, off-kilter holiday tribute features Christmas and Hanukah sketches by Keith Stevenson (The Fried Meat Trilogy), Michelle Kholos Brooks (Kalamazoo, Family Planning), Vince Mellochi (Julia, Lions) and Mattie Brickman. Rollicking humorous holidays songs will be performed by our own guitar pickin’ troubador, Chris Mulkey!  Leave the kids at home and join our off beat, hilarious, music-packed event featuring PRT’s trademark, surprising moving-and-touching-moments that will fill your hearts with holiday spirit when least expected. We promise another miraculous evening from our accomplished troupe of actors and directors!

  Cigarettes and Chocolate In Cigarettes and Chocolate, this brilliant writer (The English Patient, Truly, Madly, Deeply), takes a humorous and human look at London life in the 1980’s that tests the social responsibilities of urbanites, who as Minghella said, quoting Oscar Wilde, “know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Coupled with Hang Up, this is a stunning evening of two rarely performed works originally written to be performed on radio


It’s Time “A wise perceptive and astonishing show… when it is this good, theater is what I always thought it should be: the highest of arts.” – Sylvie Drake, Theater Critic



The PRT Shakespeare Project: The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he is really very good – in spite of all the people who say he is very good. Robert Graves (1895-1985) Shakespeare has inspired writers, poets, actors and directors like no other. His plays are full of high tragedy and low comedy, loud song and dance, forceful fights and naughty bits. No wonder they have survived the centuries!



Touch of a Poet “In drawing the story’s marvelously contradictory hero, O’Neill has distilled themes of Irish drama to something like their pure essence and lent them a sophisticated heartbreak all his own.” – Jeremy McCarter, New York Magazine


ART IN ITS MOMENT A Celebration of Theater, Art and Music from the Enlightenment to the Present Day. Featuring the exciting young Colburn Honors String Quartet!!




Set in the 1950s on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, MESHUGAH is a comic-tragic portrait of a community of recent Jewish émigrés living in the wake of the Holocaust. When Aaron Greidinger, an aging novelist and advice columnist, falls in love with the young, mysterious mistress of an older friend from his Warsaw past, dark secrets and bizarre twists threaten to break up the unusual romance. Emily Man brings to swirling theatrical life Singer’s poignant love story of lost souls in a world gone meshugah.


Love Is A Dirty Word

Please join us for a developmental presentation of Love Is A Dirty Word. Our country is riven by lines that separate us into group of identity, affinity, ideology. How does a little black boy born in Jackson, Mississippi make a home outside the lines?



Eccentricities of a Nightingale

Poetry of the heart ignites powerful desires that can no longer be ignored by Alma. The preacher’s daughter boldly seizes on a chance to follow her heart’s inclinations when John Buchanan returns from medical school to live in their small town where, too often, dreams die quickly. Tennessee Williams’s subtly seductive play centers on the passionately complex and sometimes cruel relationships to which love becomes vulnerable, when we are strong enough to allow it.



ONE MORE CHANCE!! If you missed SAFE AT HOME: An Evening with Orson Bean. It’s playing one more performance October 6th at 8pm.



My Girlfriend is an Alien. To find “the one” can be a search far and wide, perhaps to other worlds. But when green slime and tentacles become involved, it’s downright hilarious. A new play from the folks who brought you the Fried Meat Trilogy!



Two Plays by Anthony Minghella. Readings of “Hang Up” and “Cigarettes and Chocolate” Directed by Michael Peretzian. Among the films Minghella wrote and directed are: THE ENGLISH PATIENT for which he won the Academy Award as Best Director; TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY; MR. WONDERFUL; COLD MOUNTAIN; and THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY.



U.S. Premiere! AUTUMN AND WINTER examines the relationship of older parents and their two adult daughetrs, during their regular monthly dinner. The play is rich, and powerfully emotional with bursts of humor, “Well worth experiencing if you have a taste for domestic combat.” –Michael Billington, The Guardian.



An Evening With Orson Bean. I put together a show about my life and performed it for Marilyn Fox, artistic director of Pacific Resident Theatre. Afterwards, she emailed me the following: “Orson, I was so blown away and deeply moved by your show. I keep thinking about it. I was moved to tears often and laughing the rest of the time. I want to produce it here at PRT. I believe it could really go to Broadway.” The upshot: We start previews Oct. 15. The great Guillermo Cienfuegos has agreed to direct it (fresh from his triumphs with Henry V and The Homecoming).




Devised Puppetry Project : explores the power of puppetry to create an emotional connection between an audience and a variety of inanimate objects. Ranging from adorable to devastating, DEVISED PUPPETRY PROJECT takes the audience on a journey that will make them wonder “how did we end up here?”




23 Hour Play Saturday night, 6 Writers meet and each is randomly assigned a title, actors, and a director. They write all night and on Sunday morning they hand off their scripts to the directors who start rehearsing with the actors. At 7 o’clock that night, the audience shows up and a show is born!


2014 – 2015

The Dock Brief.  “A perfect jewel of a play” – British Sunday Times.

In THE DOCK BRIEF, an unsuccessful barrister has been waiting for years to make a grandstand defense. He is overjoyed when he is assigned to defend an innocuous little man accused of murdering his wife. “Comedy is, to my mind, the only thing worth writing in this despairing age, providing it is comedy which is truly on the side of the lonely, the neglected and unsuccessful.” John Mortimer


A Holiday of Celebration of Jewish Stories Compiled and Directed by Matt Gottlieb. Gimple the Fool by Isaac Bashevis Singer and.

The Loudest Voice by Grace Paley.




The one that started it all! Things couldn’t get any worse for Mitchell. With nowhere to go, he answers an ad for a roommate and finds himself in a West Virginia countryside motel with JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. Soon JD’s neighbors – curmudgeonly Flip, meth-head Marlene, and her hot-headed boyfriend, Tommy – have all but taken over the tiny room and Mitchell finds himself in a hopeless situation. Hopeless… But for the power of dance?

A FRIED MEAT CHRISTMAS The Fried Meat gang is back for the holidays! JD plans to prepare a special Christmas dinner for Mitchell, but chooses the wrong cookbook – suddenly bringing a troubling new friend out of the woodwork. And, for the first time in his life, JD experiences a crisis of faith. The gang scrambles to restore his spirit and together they ring in the holidays West Virginia style.

THE UNFRYABLE MEATNESS OF BEING The third installment of the Fried Meat saga!

Stakes are high at the Mohigan Arms and hard times have fallen upon the motel. Flip dodges the fire inspector, Marlene struggles to pay her back-rent and a mysterious man thinks JD may be just the opportunity he was looking for. It will all come down to a contest of epic proportions…

An Evening With Orson BeanEvening With Orson Bean. Directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos. I put together a show about my life and performed it for Marilyn Fox, artistic director of Pacific Resident Theatre. Afterwards, she emailed me the following: “Orson, I was so blown away and deeply moved by your show. I keep thinking about it. I was moved to tears often and laughing the rest of the time. I want to produce it here at PRT.


The Homecoming. A darkly sexual comedy of power, set in 1960’s North London. Teddy returns home after living in America for the past six years to introduce his wife to the family. This daring classic challenges expectations of power and gender, and shows us that people are seldom what they appear.




A CELEBRATION OF HAROLD PINTER. Written and Performed by Julian Sands.  An extraordinary collaboration between Harold Pinter and Julian Sands evolved into a wonderfully humorous and fascinating solo show directed by John Malkovich.



Kalamazoo. This sparkling World Premiere romantic comedy examines the romantic roller-coaster ride of a 70-something Irish Catholic woman and a 70-something Jewish, East Coast man who together try to embark upon a late-in-life love affair and prove that you’re never too old to be young!


RACHEL RAY – A Staged Reading Adapted by Henry Ong

from the Anthony Trollope Romantic Novel Directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos




The Next Day: A bouquet of short plays composed and presented in a 24 hour period. At 7pm on February 14th our writers draw their actors head shots and their title. The next day they give their plays to their directors, their actors show up, and rehearsal begins.



A Holiday Celebration of Jewish Stories Presenting the great work of Jewish writers including Cynthia Ozick, Grace Paley, I. L. Peretz, Bernard Malamud, Isaac Bashevis Singer.



Ebenezer. If your great, great grandfather is Ebenezer Scrooge, it’s only a matter of time before your bad deeds require a serious intervention. So it’s no surprise when three spirits are summoned on Christmas Eve to help 16-year-old Ebenezer “Ben” Scrooge-Murray find a better way to treat his family and friends. This is a play for children, performed by children with a message that has no age limit. Bring your children, your grandchildren or borrow some children for an hour of holiday fun!



All your favorite characters are back in the hilarious Fried Meat holiday sequel! JD tries to prepare a special Christmas dinner for Mitchell, but chooses the wrong cookbook – bringing a troubling new friend out of the woodwork… And, for the first time in his life, JD experiences a twinge of jealousy and a crisis of faith.



The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekov. Chekhov’s last play and one of his greatest works. A dramatic comic ode to a passing way of life. This lively, touching play illuminates the joys of a new world being born, the sorrows of an old world passing away and the timelessness of the human condition.  “Chekhov has shed over us a luminous vapor in which life appears as it is, without veils, transparent and visible to the depths”. Virginia Woolf


Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Rd. & Fried Meat 3: The Unfryable Meatness of Being Back for a Limited Run with an all-new episode!See both shows in one afternoon on Double-Header Sundays!  Hard times have fallen upon the Mohigan Arms and its residents. Flip is dodging the fire inspector, Marlene is trying to scratch together enough to pay Tommy’s overdue rent and Mitchell receives an unexpected – and unexpectedly complicated – guest. Meanwhile, a mysterious man discovers JD and finds him to be just the opportunity he was looking for…



Henry V Returns To PRT An upstart young king inspires a nation, leading an army of ragtag misfits to fight an invincible enemy five times its size. You’ve seen Shakespeare’s classic story before – but never like this…



MY ANNE Adapted and Performed By Sarah Schaeffer. Developed and Directed by Carol Rusoff.

ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY.  (includes a post performance talk back with the actor and director)



Pure Imagination.  Come with us to a land of Pure Imagination and celebrate the extraordinary music of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. Enjoy a touch of 60s, a taste of nostalgia and the magic of their work – in this all song musical event.



Out There On Fried Meet Ridge Road and A Fried Meat Christmas.  Back for Christmas 2013.  OUT THERE ON FRIED MEAT RIDGE RD. When Mitchell, a man down on his luck, ventures into a countryside motel to answer an ad for a roommate, he finds a world he never thought he’d experience. There, he meets JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. Soon JD’s neighbors – curmudgeonly Flip, meth-head Marlene, and her hot-headed boyfriend, Tommy – interject themselves and Mitchell winds up in a hopeless situation. Hopeless… But for the power of dance?  A FRIED MEAT CHRISTMAS All the characters you know and love are back in the hilarious new holiday sequel! This time, JD chooses the wrong cookbook for Christmas dinner, and a new friend shows up on Fried Meat Ridge Rd…. bringing on plenty more West Virginia mayhem!

Robert Browning’s The Pied Piper Of Hamelin. Theater for the whole family ages 7 & up!  This humorous adaptation invites audiences into the world of poet Robert Browning’s tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Using Browning’s own words the cast performs this classic with a nod to British promenade theater. This fun production successfully communicates Browning’s elevated language so it can be understood by a 7 year old yet savored by adults.



A Celebration of Jewish Stories and Humor compiled and directed by Robert Shampain. Presenting the great work of Jewish writers including Grace Paley, Woody Allen, Isaac Babel, Rebecca Goldstein, Bernard Malamud, Mendele Mocher Sforim, and others



A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller Directed by Dana Jackson, Marilyn Fox. The tale of Eddie Carbone, a Brooklyn longshoreman who has never recognized his true feelings. An intensely powerful, psychosexual tragedy, from America’s classic playwright.



d th n vnc by Mary Jo Deschanel.. The Venice, California Canals in 1973: small cottages sit above the brackish water of the canals, connected by quaint bridges and funky, unpaved alleys. Dogs roam freely, ducks swim and Santa Ana winds blow. But under the relaxed air of the balmy summer days, another current runs, something far more intense. Hope, despair, love, rage, secrets and wishes are revealed through the words of seven women connected by the untimely death of a talented young musician, Martin.


Between Pretty Places Pacific Resident Theatre presents a Workshop Production

of a musical play By Susan Merson.  Based on a true story, an abandoned child in the dry hills of Central California forces a family to come to terms with their ghosts, love and survival.



Gala Benefit Reading: TRU with ROBERT MORSE

by Jay Presson Allen from the Words and Works of Truman Capote.

Two-time  Tony Award Winning Actor, ROBERT MORSE is Truman Capote! Morse,  currently starring on TV’s MAD MEN series, performs a Benefit Reading of his Tony  Award performance in PRT’s intimate mainstage.


NORA. Ingmar Bergman’s adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Translated into the English Language by

Frederick J. Marker and Lisa-Lone Marker NORA featured in LA STAGE TIMES Les Spindle interviewed NORA Director Dana Dewes and Actor Bruce French (NORA’s Dr. Rank and Ovation Winner for The Browning Version) for the LA Stage Times. This indepth article gives us insight into Ingmar Bergman’s intent in revisioning Ibsen’s A DOLL’S HOUSE into NORA, now entertaining audiences at PRT as the 2nd show of our Subscription Season.  [more]


John Steinbeck’s “Sweet Thursday” A world premiere stage adaptation of the indelible novel by Robb Derringer and Matt McKenzie.  This Nobel-Prize winning author transports you to Cannery Row, Monterey, CA circa 1947 for a sunny, surprising and timeless romantic comedy. This enchanting story, featuring live music, explores one of Steinbeck’s greatest themes – that humanity and love make goodness and happiness possible.


Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Road Mitchell, a man down on his luck, wanders out a dark country road to answer an ad for a roommate. He meets JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. When Marlene, and her boyfriend Tommy, interject themselves, Mitchell finds himself in a hopeless and hilarious situation. Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd. is a foot stompin’, wall slappin’ comedy by West Virginia native, Keith Stevenson.  VISIT SHOW PAGE


Mainstage Bonus Production: The Writers Group of Pacific Resident Theatre Presents:23 Hour Plays Written, Produced and Performed in 23 Hours.One 23 Hour Period of Creativity.  VISIT SHOW PAGE



Mainstage Bonus Production: Back By Popular Demand – Julian Sands In A Celebration of Harold Pinter. What the New York critics have to say…“Though he is wearing a tailored black suit Julian Sands is about as naked as an actor can be… WHEN HE READS PINTER’S POEMS, YOU FEEL THE PLAYWRIGHT’S PRESENCE.  VISIT SHOW PAGE


Mainstage Bonus Production A Fried Meat ChristmasAll the characters you know and love are back in the hilarious new holiday sequel! This time, JD chooses the wrong cookbook for Christmas dinner, and a new friend shows up on Fried Meat Ridge Rd…. bringing on plenty more West Virginia mayhem! SHOW PAGE



Mainstage Bonus Production:  A Holiday Celebration of Jewish Stories:  But as in all storytelling traditions, the roots of these stories – their plots, rhythms, sounds, characters humors and aspirations – lie far back in time, a time before they begin to be recorded. So we begin with an anonymous folk-tale – told to one of the early Yiddish archivists – one that takes us from the Old Country to the New World, where we hope to discover some thread, some cultural DNA that connects and points us toward the modern Jewish storytellers, many of them now considered pillars of American letters, of American culture.  VISIT SHOW PAGE

Mainstage Bonus Production – Julian Sands In A Celebration of Harold Pinter. When Julian Sands, the handsome… British movie star… slips into a Pinter imitation in the casual narrative woven through the reading, it feels like a thump to the chest.”> VISIT SHOW PAGE


Main Stage Bonus Production.  Gala Reading Series Fundraiser.  ART by Yasmina Reza. Translated by Christopher Hampton. The comedy, which raises questions about art and friendship, concerns three long-time friends, Serge, Marc, and Yvan. Serge, indulging his penchant for modern art, buys a large, expensive, completely white painting. Marc is horrified, and their relationship suffers considerable strain as a result of their differing opinions about what constitutes “art”. Yvan, caught in the middle of the conflict, tries to please and mollify both of them.  VISIT SHOW PAGE


CONCEALING JUDY HOLLIDAY A funny and poignant journey through the memories, dreams and hallucinations of the 1950s Academy Award winning actress  VISIT SHOW PAGE



THE INDIANS ARE COMING TO DINNER. San Francisco, November, 1984. Morning in America, but chaos at the Blackburn residence. This world premiere comedy about ambition, passion, and obligation, pits a father’s aspirations against his daughter’s dreams. A funny, sweet, and touching new play, “The Indians Are Coming to Dinner” serves up dysfunction, enlightenment, opera, and some bad curry. VISIT SHOW PAGE



BARRIE: BACK TO BACK, AN EVENING OF PLAYS BY J.M. BARRIE | These unique and rarely produced plays by J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, explore the nature of unlikely love with humor and poignancy. Part of the Pacific Resident Theatre’s 25th anniversary season and co-directed by company Artistic Director Marilyn Fox and by Dana Dewes, the two works include Rosalind and The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, a story of a London charwoman who makes up a fanciful story. VISIT SHOW PAGE


J U L I A | After 50 years, a man returns to his hometown for one last shot at redemption in this new play by Vince Melocchi, Ovation Award nominated writer of LIONS. Our production headed to New York City for a four-week run at the Off Broadway theater 59e59, opening April 21st, 2011! Check out the cool video the cast and crew made about the New York production at More information on the production can be found at VISIT SHOW PAGE

Main Stage Bonus Production: Pacific Resident Theatre & The PRT Writers’ Group New Work Series. The purpose of Our Writer’s Group at PRT is to share our work, offer each other unique perspectives, and nurture the creative writing process in a positive, honest way. We listen, motivate, encourage and develop the writer’s craft.


(O)n the 5:31 by Mando Alvarado. Family Planning by Michelle Kholos Brooks, The Idyllic World of Lillian Cortessi by Tony Pasqualini, WELCOME TO SANTA by Vince Melocchi, The Book of Judith by Judith Scott, Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Road by Keith Stevenson, In the Fold by Kelly Younger. VISIT SHOW PAGE

Main Stage Bonus Production.THE SECRETS OF THE TRADE. In show business, it’s all about who you know. Or is it? Andy Lipman, a smart, ambitious kid from Long Island dreams of a career on Broadway and hopes that his idol, theatre legend Martin Kerner can give it to him. Will Kerner open Andy’s door to success, or will their complicated relationship force him to question a life in the theatre? VISIT SHOW PAGE

Main Stage Bonus Production PRT’s 25th Anniversary Gala Fundraising Reading Series In a Garden by Howard Korder. An American architect gets a mysterious assignment from a Middle Eastern dignitary in the latest play from Pulitzer Prize nominee and acclaimed writer of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Howard Korder. VISIT SHOW PAGE


Main Stage Bonus Production Salty Shakespeare Presents a Midsummer Night’s Dream “There’s artistic revolution in the air! We’re tearing down the walls and bringing Shakespeare straight to the people! Join Salty Shakespeare on the beach for a sleek cutting of MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Guerrilla Shakespeare….the play erupts right out of the crowd. Bring the kids and family to Sunset Ave. and the Venice Boardwalk, Fri-Sun, Aug. 26, 27, 28…..4-ish in the afternoon. Sit on your beach towel or stand right with the actors. Shakespeare for the folks…like you’ve never seen it!”  VISIT SHOW PAGE

Main Stage Bonus ProductionYou’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.  A PRT Staged Reading – 4 shows only.  with Robert Shampain, Bryan Chesters, Nich Kauffman David Pevsner, Diane Hurley, Maryjane   VISIT SHOW PAGE

Mainstage Bonus Production: PRT’s 25th Anniveresary Gala Reading VISIT SHOW PAGE




BECKY’S NEW CAR | Through October 24, 2010. In the Los Angeles Premiere of Becky’s New Car, playwright Steven Dietz maps out a very funny and touching trip about “the life not taken.” Becky is married, late 40’s and working at a car dealership. When one night, by chance, she’s offered an opportunity to step into another life — she takes it. Becky’s New Car is about life, love, marriage and the detours we make on the way to happiness. VISIT SHOW PAGE




LOYALTIES | Opened January 15, 2010 Two couples’ long-term relationship is tested when their sons enlist in the military. Set at the height of America’s war on terror, the play exposes what can happen when people’s deepest loyalties are called into question. VISIT SHOW PAGE


THE BROWNING VERSION | Opened Oct 24, 2009. Rattigan’s 1949 masterpiece about a schoolmaster who has to give up his 18 year post at an English public school is “one of the most beautiful plays ever written.” – The Guardian. VISIT SHOW PAGE





WILD BOY | May 30 – August 30, 2009 When Paul and Jennifer Collins learn that their brilliant toddler may never master the most basic forms of human connection, their once-solid marriage begins to crumble. Paul looks for answers in the outrageous story of Peter the Wild Boy, a mysterious 18th Century youth adopted by King George I. Based on a critically-acclaimed memoir, WILD BOY is the compelling journey of parents facing the greatest of challenges, as well as a stirring exploration of what makes us human. VISIT SHOW PAGE


Mainstage Bonus Production: SAINT JOAN OF THE SLAUGHTERHOUSES. This stunning new translation by Peter Mellencamp of Brecht’s 1930 Political Bookend to HAPPY END examines the American Economic System in immediate m entertaining, thought-provoking and amazingly timely ways.


Mainstage Bonus Production.  ISLAND OF BRILLIANCE runs for a limited engagement and is not part of our subscription series: The play revolves around Evie, a unique young high school student who displays unusual honesty and generosity. When her older sister (who has an IQ of forty) begins reciting poetry, her life is disrupted in a complex series of events that shape Evie’s future.Island of Brillance  VISIT SHOW PAGE


Mainstage Bonus Production.  JULIA

After 50 years, a man returns to his hometown for one last shot at redemption in this new play by Vince Melocchi, Ovation Award nominated writer of LIONS  VISIT SHOW PAGE


Mainstage Bonus Production.  PRT Short Film Night: Take Two.  All New Program.  You;ve loved our actors on the stage.  Now see them on the big screen!!!  VISIT SHOW PAGE



Mainstage Bonus Production: PRT Short Film Night Encore Presentation




Mainstage Bonus Production: Stories By Heart by John Lithgow. John Lithgow won two Tony Awards, four Emmys and has had seven books for children on The New York Times best-seller list. In STORIES BY HEART he invokes memories of three generations of family history while tracing his own life as an actor and storyteller.Mr Lithgow tells of reading P.G. Wodehouse to his father when he was gravely ill — the same story his father had read to him 50 years before (a jazzy tour-de-force, he plays 9 characters!) It rallied the old man’s failing spirits and in the sound of his father’s laughter, Mr. Lithgow discovered the healing power of storytelling — and so will audiences through this funny and touching performance. VISIT SHOW PAGE

Mainstage Bonus Production: Venice 1955-2000 – Benefit Slide Show




Mainstage Bonus Production. PACIFIC RESIDENT THEATRE


Ghosts and sword fights and madness and storytellers talking back to the audience. These and so much more are in this 55-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s HAMLET, performed by 6th and 7th graders from Makr Twain Middle School. Hamlet is barely home from college to attend his father’s funeral, when he’s slammed with the fact that his mother has already married Hamlet’s uncle! Hamlet smells a rat and the ghost of his father appearing to him seals the deal. He promises to avenge his father’s death. You don’t have to know Shakespeare to be enamored of this rendition of it!  VISIT SHOW PAGE


Mainstage Bonus Production: Shiloh Rules.. Reading of a new play by Doris Baizley.  Directed by Judith Royer, CSJ.  VISIT SHOW PAGE



Mainstage Bonus Production:  An Intimate Cabaret Starring Carolyn Mignini. Carolyn Mignini has made a career in Theater, cabaret and TV, a high point being a DRAMA DESK nomination for her work in the musical TINTYPES on Broadway. Other shows include, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, GUYS AND DOLLS, ONE NIGHT STAND with Tony Curtis, the famed FANTASTICKS (a one-year stint as “The Girl” in the original off-Broadyway production!) Christopher Durang’s SISTER MARY IGNATIOUS . . . as well as performing on the TONY AWARDS.. VISIT SHOW PAGE

Mainstage Bonus Production:  Pacific Resident Theatre presents our 2nd Bonus Summer Show  Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.  VISIT OUR SHOW PAGE



2008 – 2009

LIONS | Opened Jan 29, 2009 – May 3, 2009It’s the 2007 NFL season and the Detroit Lions are on a winning streak – unfortunately John Waite is not. With his lifelong friends at The Tenth Ward Club, he places his hopes on his team, and attempts to escape the creeping demise of his city, and of his way of life. Actors Reporter review: “Lions” is an example of the best in intimate theatre entertainment.” 2008/09 Ovation Award Nominations PRT Member VINCE MELOCCHI’s play LIONS has received a nomination for Playwrighting for an Original Play, produced by Pacific Resident Theatre. VISIT SHOW PAGE

FATA MORGANA | Opened 11/1/08 to 2/28/09 Directed by Marilyn Fox Delicious”… “Utterly Enchanting!” CRITIC’S CHOICE – LA TIMES. “Another coup” …“Polished to a dazzling shine” – VARIETY. “Sexy”…“Hilarious” – SANTA MONICA MIRROR. “Gorgeous” GO! – LA WEEKLY. “Luscious”…“A Great Evening in the Theater!” – BEVERLY PRESS. Sensational and Hilarious” – STAGE HAPPENINGS. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE by William Saroyan | Opened March 2008 – June 2008 In Honor of the Saroyan Centennial 1908 – 2008. This twentieth century masterwork is a profound, richly comic, touching, and timely examination of man’s ability to improve the human condition. VISIT SHOW PAGE

MY ANTONIA | Opened June 22, 2008 to August 24, 2008. This poetic memory play follows the journey of a spirited youn immigrant girl and her family as they struggle to make a living and a life on the Nebraska plains in the late 1800s. The story is told through a series of flashbacks as recalled, by Antonia’s childhood friend Jim Burden. My Antonia is a soulful portrait of a simple yet heroic woman, celebrating the strength, passion and triumphant vitality of American’s Early Pioneers. VISIT SHOW PAGE

HAMLET or DOES FATHER REEEALLY KNOW BEST? (Children’s Production) | Ghosts and sword fights and madness and storytellers talking back to the audience. These and so much more are in this 55-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s HAMLET, performed by 6th and 7th graders from Makr Twain Middle School. Hamlet is barely home from college to attend his father’s funeral, when he’s slammed with the fact that his mother has already married Hamlet’s uncle! Hamlet smells a rat and the ghost of his father appearing to him seals the deal. He promises to avenge his father’s death. You don’t have to know Shakespeare to be enamored of this rendition of it! VISIT SHOW PAGE



THE 60s | September 2006 – January 2007. Norman and Grace were married over thirty years and now are in the fourth year of their divorce. She’s settling into a new comfortable routine as the friendly neighborhood pharmacist and Norman is busy chasing girls young enough to be his granddaughter. Along the way there are the inevitable problems of aging as Norman’s gout flares when he tries to go dancing but meets a young woman on the rebound of a bad marriage. It looks like Norman might be on the way to a conquest . . . if only Grace would stop showing up at the wrong time! VISIT SHOW PAGE

ARTHUR SCHNITZLER’S “ANATOL” | March 16, 2007 – May 27, 2007. One Man, Seven Women…Vienna, Freud, Klimt – a dizzying time. Sexual fulfillment promises always to be just around the next corner in this sensual and psychological kaleidoscope. The LA WEEKLY AWARDS were Monday April 7, 2008. PRT won 2 awards for ANATOL! VALERIE DILLMAN won for SUPPORTING FEMALE, AUDREY EISNER won for COSTUME DESIGN. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE HASTY HEART | Opened August 2007 – November 2007 “Based on his experiences as an ambulance driver in WWII, Pulitzer Prize-winner John Patrick’s timely, touching and life-affirming-play explores the complexities of trust, compassion and love, even in the shadow of war.”

Congratulations to the actors, directors,producers, designers, staff and the entire company on these wonderful honors from the Los Angeles Drama Critics’ Circle Award! Best Revival — THE HASTY HEART, Best Director — DAN BONNELL, Best Lead Actor — MATT LETSCHER. VISIT SHOW PAGE

ALICE SIT-BY-THE-FIRE By J. M. Barrie | Opened December 2007 – April 2008. Directed by Joe Olivieri. J.M. Barrie’s 1919 comedy is a far more earthbound affair than his earlier success, Peter Pan, yet it still provides a sweet concoction of precocious observations, misinterpreted dialogue and send-ups of contemporary melodrama. VISIT SHOW PAGE

“Hilarious” – Variety

“Smart revival… leaves you feeling warm and snug” – Recommended LA Times”

As good as theatre gets” Curtain Up.

HOGANS GOAT | January 2007 – March 2007 Hogan’s Goat is an award-winning 1965 play by William Alfred. The blank-verse drama concerns a mayoral contest between Irish Americans in Brooklyn, New York in 1890. The play’s focus is on the personal life of Matthew Stanton, the dynamic leader of the Sixth Ward, who hopes to unseat corrupt incumbent Ned Quinn. Stanton’s wife Kathleen fears campaign publicity will reveal that they never were married in the Catholic Church, a fact uncovered by Quinn, who also discovers Stanton was once the “kept man” (known as a “goat” in the lexicon of the time) of Agnes Hogan, Quinn’s ex-girlfriend who is now on her deathbed. Blinded by ruthless ambition, Stanton ignores Quinn’s threats to reveal his past and forges ahead with the race, ultimately destroying not only his political career, but his marriage as well. VISIT SHOW PAGE

KEEPING FAITH | May to July 2006 Pacific Resident Theatre presents the world premiere production of Alex Peabody’s Keeping Faith (One Man’s Journey into Motherhood). Written and performed by Peabody, this original play deftly explores the challenges of gay adoption in a world where the definition of family remains firmly pigeonholed as “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Peabody speaks honestly and grippingly about his essential, personal desire to parent – -not just as a gay man, but as a human being. Anyone who has ever wanted to be a parent will relate to this courageous and unusual story. VISIT SHOW PAGE


HAPPY END | A comic melodrama with songs. January 2005 – June 2005. This play was the first piece produced by the award winning PRT Dan Bonnell who will direct this rarely produced, landmark musical. Set in 1919 Chicago, head gangster Bill Cracker (Timothy Murphy) uses Salvation Army gal Lillian Holiday (Lesley Fera), to hide out from the cops. The production also features Sara Brooke.

LA Drama Critics’ Circle Awards: “Tom McCulloh Award” Best Revial of a Classic PlayHappy End Wins Best Revival of 2005 at LADCC Award Show! LA Weekly Awards: – Musical Direction: Carolyn Mignini, Costume Design: Audrey Eisner, Set Design: Chuck Erven & Travis Gale Lewis. VISIT SHOW PAGE

WHEN THEY SPEAK OF RITA by Daisy Foote | This is the 2nd Show of the Subscription Season. Opened May 28, 2005 – November 5, 2005. Rita Potter is the central figure in Daisy Foote’s play “When They Speak of Rita,” which is currently having its west coast premiere at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice. As Rita, Joanna Daniels expertly captures the accent and the nuances of small-town New Hampshire as well as the inchoate angst of an unsatisfied housewife. Under-educated and poor, she works cleaning other peoples’ houses and implores her son and his girlfriend to go to college and give themselves a chance for a better life than she has had. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE BLUE DAHLIA | October 2005 – February 2006. Prepare for a Midnight Drive Through 1940’s Los Angeles with Murder, Mystery ..and pure seductionLA Weekly Awards: Revival Production of the Year: THE BLUE DAHLIA Production Design: Alex Enberg, THE BLUE DAHLIA. VISIT SHOW PAGE

TURN OF THE SCREW | January 2006 – April 2006 In this ingenious tale, a mysterious man hires an attractive governess to care for his orphaned niece and nephew. When she accepts the position, seductive and spine tingling events begin to unfold. VISIT SHOW PAGE

DEATH OF A SALESMAN | June 2006 to July 2006 A 1949 play written by American playwright Arthur Miller. n was directed by Elia Kazan with Lee J. Cobb starring in the leading role of Willy Loman. The play attempts to raise a counterexample to Aristotle’s characterization of tragedy as the downfall of a great man: though Loman certainly has Hamartia, a tragic flaw or error, his downfall is that of an ordinary man (a “low man”). Like Sophocles’ Oedipus in Oedipus the King, Loman’s flaw comes down to a lack of self-knowledge; unlike Oedipus, Loman’s downfall threatens not the city but only a single household. In this sense, Miller’s play represents a democratization of the ancient form of tragedy; the play’s protagonist is himself obsessed with the question of greatness, and his downfall arises directly from his continued misconception of himself–at age 63–as someone capable of greatness, as well as the unshakable conviction that greatness stems directly from personal charisma or popularity. VISIT SHOW PAGE

OF MICE AND MEN | July 2004 – November 2004 A novella written by Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck. Published in 1937, it tells the tragic story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two displaced migrant ranch workers during the Great Depression in California. Based on Steinbeck’s own experiences as a bindlestiff in the 1920s (before the arrival of the Okies he would vividly describe in The Grapes of Wrath), the title is taken from Robert Burns’s poem, To a Mouse, which read: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley.” VISIT SHOW PAGE


A DELICATE BALANCE | March 2003 – June 2003 Albee’s ingredients involve a wealthy husband and wife, the wife’s sister and the couple’s daughter plus another couple who have been ‘best friends’ for 40 years. VISIT SHOW PAGE

Best of Awards:

Performance Award: Bruce French

Senic Design: William Ellis Smith

ORPHEUS DESCENDING | October 2003 – April 2004 The Pacific Resident Theatre production of Orpheus Descending exudes appropriate fervor. Directed by Elina de Santos, who recently directed Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance at PRT, the production has been skillfully mounted. LADCC Award – Best LEAD PERFORMANCE for Marilyn Fox! Best LADCC Award – DIRECTION for Elina de Santos! and LADCC Award – best PRODUCTION!!! VISIT SHOW SITE

PRELUDE TO A KISS September 2003 – December 2003. Stan Roth’s sparse staging for Pacific Resident Theatre’s revival pares the externals to suit the story’s simplicity and finds its way to the play’s considerable wit and charm. VISIT SHOW SITE

ROCKET TO THE MOON (w.1938) | June 2004 – October 2004. by Clifford Odets is a romantic tale, rich with humor and humanity. The story is simple: a dentist caught in an unhappy marriage comes to terms with his need for love. The plot, made unforgettable by Odets’ brilliant use of language and heart warming characters, is served up in a romantic valentine against the backdrop of economic upheaval in 1938 Amercia. VISIT SHOW SITE


ANNA CHRISTIE OPENED | January 5, 2002 – . One of O’Neill’s greatest and most moving works, the haunting study of a woman who falls in love and struggles to deserve the love she inspires. LA Times- Critic’s Choice, LA Weekly – Pick of the Week, Backstage West – Critic’s Pick. VISIT SHOW PAGE

ON APPROVAL | April 27, 2002 – July 2002. “A comedy about what happens when two caring, unselfish people fall in love with two self-consumed, selfish people.” by Frederick Lonsdale. VISIT SHOW PAGE

BETRAYAL by Harold Pinter | Opened August 10, 2002 – November 27, 2002. Set in tight rooms amid tangled attachments, Harold Pinter’s economical study of broken relationships, “Betrayal,” is an ideal tenant for the Pacific Resident Theatre’s intimate space—and it’s very well served by director Tom McDermott’s smooth, bare staging. Beneath the simplicity of its outward gestures, the production hits the complexity packed into Pinter’s nine chiseled scenes. VISIT SHOW PAGE

BIG LOVE by Charles L. Mee | Opened October 18, 2002 – April 27, 2003. Mel Shapiro’s staging for Pacific Resident Theatre seizes the intermission-less play by the throat and doesn’t let go, unfurling a parade of passionate and intensely physical performances from a fully committed cast. VISIT SHOW PAGE


LA Weekly Theater Awards: BIG LOVE has been nominated in three categories…

Production of the Year

Direction: Mel Shapiro



LADCC’s Polly Warfield Award for a second time. This award is in recognition of “an excellent season in a small to midsize house.”

LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER by D. H. Lawrence | Adapted by Mary Machala & John Vreeke, directed by John Vreeke. October 2000 – March 2001. Pacific Resident Theatre’s sensual, passionate and eloquent staging, which honors Lawrence’s work to a degree rarely encountered in literary adaptations.”- LA Times. LADCC Award – Best Performance, LADCC Award- Nomination Best Production, LADCC Award- Nomination Best Direction, LA Weekly- Pick of the Week, Backstage West – Critic’s Choice. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE | January – May 2001 by Frank Marcus. Directed by Daniel O’Connor. The ruin of conventional George and unconventional June is the subject of Frank Marcus’ play “The Killing of Sister George,” now on stage at the Pacific Resident Theatre. Frontiers – Critic’s Choice. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE SCARECROW by Percy MacKaye | May 2001 – August 2001. Going the ancient alchemist’s quest one better, Percy MacKaye’s “The Scarecrow” at Pacific Resident Theatre brilliantly explores the transmutation of base matter into something even more precious than gold: the human soul.”LA Times – Critic’s Choice, Backstage West – Critic’s Pick, Garland Award – Best Production, Garland Award – Best Direction. VISIT SHOW PAGE

EVERY DAY LIFE | August 2001 – November 2001 Written by Rainer Maria Rilke, one of the great poets of the 20th century, “Everyday Life” is the story of a struggling, gifted young painter, searching for truth, love,and the nature of creative inspiration.”: “…rendered with formidable passion and restraint by director Gar Campbell and his elegant cast.” F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times. LADCC Award – Three Nominations, LA Times- Best Bets, Backstage West – Critic’s Pick. VISIT SHOW PAGE


THE SWAN By Ferenc Molnar | October 1999 – February 2000. In a finely nuanced revival of Molnar’s bittersweet 1920 romantic fable, “The Swan,” Pacific Resident Theatre makes a compelling case for this neglected work’s enduring importance. VISIT SHOW PAGE

LADCC Award – Best Scenic DesignLADCC Award – Three NominationsLA Times – Critic’s ChoiceGarland Award – Best Performance

OTHERWISE ENGAGED by Simon Gray | November 1999 – March 2000….guilty pleasures…” “…vindictive bite with sophisticated flair in this exacting production at the Pacific Resident Theatre” “…bitchy bit of social savagery….”. L A Times Critics Choice. VISIT SHOW PAGE

A QUESTION OF MERCY by David Rabe | July 2000 – October 2000. In Rabe’s drama “A Question of Mercy,” now at Pacific Resident Theatre, death comes not in a sneak attack, but in a long and vicious siege with no hope of rescue or relief. VISIT SHOW PAGE

TONITE at 8:30 by Noel Coward | April 2000 – August 2000. This trio of superbly acted selections from Coward’s one-act anthology would be cause enough for celebration, but Daniel O’Connor’s inventive staging further extends the theater and environs into an elegant champagne party for a complete immersion in wit, song, and sophistication.” VISIT SHOW PAGE

LADCC Award – Best Production (2000)

LADCC Award – Best Musical Direction

LADCC Award- Nomination Best Director

LADCC Award- Nomination Best Performance

LA Times – Critic’s Choice

CHILDREN | July 1999 Suggested by a short story by John Cheever, CHILDREN is set in the summer estate of a wealthy “WASP” family on a resort island off the New England coast over the 4th of July weekend, 1970. The sixty-something matriarch of the family is joined by her recently divorced daughter, her prep school teacher son and his “trophy” wife. Their idyllic life is threatened by two jarring events. This absorbing, literate play blends humor and revealing irony in its study of a well-to-do American family forced to deal with a challenge to it’s comfortable status quo. VISIT SHOW PAGE


“…Joe Olivieri’s staging of four masterful performances is exemplary.””…slices cleanly but deeply into the repressions of well-off Northeastern WASPs, with plenty of funny, often mordant moments arising naturally from a quartet of sharply drawn characterizations. “

TIME TRILOGY | July 1999 – August 1999 In this celebration of life and love, Linke tells his personal story of a “family’s journey into a sometimes terrifying world where humor and love are the only tools of survival.” Linke has created a one-man theatre piece about his late wife, Francesca, and their intense 10 year relationshiip, from their love-at-first sight meeting to her being told she had cancer to her death at home with Linke holding her hand. “Few events that take place on stage deserve to be called extraordinary. Paul Linke’s TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE ALIVE is one of those rare events” is how the Hollywood Reporter described this show. VISIT SHOW PAGE


LULU by Frank Wedekind | March 1999 – May 1999. Adapted by Peter Barnes. Critics Choice -LA Times. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE MASTER BUILDER by Henrik Ibsen | July 1999 – August 1999. A play in three acts by Henrik Ibsen. First published in 1892. VISIT SHOW PAGE


3 L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award nominations

5 Garland Awards1 L.A. Weekly Award

1 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award

DIVORCONS | by Emile de Najac & Victorien Sardou. Critics Pick – Backstage West. VISIT SHOW PAGE

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens | Original Adaptation by Orson Bean. VISIT SHOW PAGE



Special Garland Award – Best Track Record of 1997


6 L.A. Drama Critics Circle nominations

3 L.A. Drama Critics Circle Awards

3 Drama-Logue Awards

Critics Choice – L.A. Times

Critics Choice – Backstage West

1 Garland Award


1 L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award

6 Drama-Logue Awards

L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week

Critics Pick – Backstage West


3 Drama-Logue Awards

1 Garland Award

Critics Pick – Backstage West


L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week

L.A. Times – Best of the Weekend

IVANOV by Anton Chekhov| Best Bets – L.A. Times. VISIT SHOW PAGE

CANDIDA by George Bernard Shaw | Critics Pick – Backstage West. VISIT SHOW PAGE

A TIME TRILOGY | 3 Evenings With Paul Linkea. VISIT SHOW PAGE

“Celebration of life…” Critic’s Choice NY Times

“…an unforgettable love story…” – People Magazine

“If you’re human, you’ll be interested” Critics Choice LA Times

“…extraordinary…” – Hollywood Reporter

The HBO presentation of this play won the Cable ACE AWARD



1 L.A. Drama Critics Circle nominations

2 Drama-Logue Awards

Critics Choice – L.A. Times


2 L.A. Drama Critics Circle nominations

5 Drama-Logue Awards

Critics Choice – L.A. Times, L.A. Reader, Drama-Logue

Pick-of-the-Week – L.A. Weekly



3 L.A. Drama Critics Circle nominations

5 Drama-Logue Awards


PRT is the recipient of the prestigious Margaret Harford Award for continuous achievement in the small theatre arena from the L.A. Drama Critics Circle

THERE’S ONE IN EVERY MARRIAGE by Georges Feydeau | 1 Drama-Logue Award. VISIT SHOW PAGE

SOUTHERN GIRLS by Sheri Bailey and Dura Temple | 2 NAACP Awards. VISIT SHOW PAGE

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens | Original adaptation by Orson Bean. VISIT SHOW PAGE


ONDINE by Jean Giraudoux | VISIT SHOW PAGE

5 L.A. Drama Critics Circle nominations

2 L.A. Drama Critics Circle Awards1 Drama-Logue Award

2 Robbie Awards


BOO! AN EVENING OF GHOST STORIES | A collaboration between PRT and the L.A. Directors Project. VISIT SHOW PAGE

STORIES OF THE SEASON by Robert Alan Beuth and George Harrison | Best of the Weekend – L.A. Times. VISIT SHOW PAGE

THE VISIT by Friedrich Duerrenmatt | VISIT SHOW PAGE

7 L.A. Drama Critics Circle Awards

Critics Choice – L.A. Times, L.A. Reader,Drama-Logue and Backstage


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