1st Show of our 2019/2020 Season!


A World Premiere by Vince Melocchi
Directed by Dana Jackson

Extended through December 15th

Dana Jackson – Director
Sara Newman-Martins – Producer
Keith Stevenson (Bones Bonino)
Derek Chariton (Andy Warhol)

Rich Rose – Scenic Designer
Christopher Moscatiello
– Sound Designer
Andrew Schmedake
– Light Designer
Keilani Gleave – Costume Designer
Mateo Rudich – Technical Director

Erin Soares –  Production Manager
Teak Piegdon – Stage Manager

Extended thru Dec 15th
Sat at 8pm; Sun at 3pm

Tickets: $30 to $34

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CALL 310-822-8392


This is the 1st show of our 
2019/2020 Subscription Season.
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Top Ten/Recommended
“A well-acted and entertaining addition to Warhol lore. Dana Jackson’s sure-handed direction draws terrific work from her cast. Enjoyable look at a lesser-known period of Warhol’s life”Stage Raw

“The skill of Melocchi’s writing is matched by the remarkable acting work of Stevenson and Chariton. Together they breathe life into every line…creating flesh-and-blood characters that hold you in thrall from start to finish” Total Theater

“With a well-written script and two very capable actors breathing life into quirky Andy and stolid Bonsey, ANDY WARHOL’S TOMATO has taken a cute and certainly untrue story from Andy Warhol’s early life and turned into a play with a profound and timeless message for all… 100% Sweet”
Better Lemons

“Your heartstring will be pulled.” Broadway World


“…the play succeeds on every level.
I highly recommend you see this small gem”
The Santa Monica Daily Press

When a teenage Andy Warhol finds himself in the basement of a working class bar in Pittsburgh, PA, he discovers inspiration, guidance and friendship from a surprising source.


“Vince Melocchi’s quietly touching two-hander…offers more than a biographical sketch thanks to the reciprocal fleeting connection between Chariton’s Warhol and Stevenson’s equally complex performance as Bones. A surprising olive branch in the culture wars”
LA Times

“Not-to-be-missed. This is a play which exquisitely traces the steps…to an understanding about creativity and life in general”
Splash Mags

“A well-written script and two very capable actors…talented playwright Vince Melocchi fleshes out this bare bones fiction with infinite delicacy and gentle grace. A profound and timeless message for all. Kudos for director Dana Jackson’s tender handling of dynamics which, in lesser hands, might falter”

“We go to the theater for unique experiences and on rare occasions we’re rewarded with something transcendent. Something like Andy Warhol’s Tomato… This is art.”.
Larchmont Buzz

“Derek Chariton has gotten really good at painting pictures of tomatoes.” an interview by the LA Times with Andy Warhol’s Tomato actor Derek Chariton
Margaret Gray — LA Times

“A production you won’t want to miss” Carol’s Culture Corner

ANDY WARHOL’S TOMATO thru NOV 24! from Keith Stevenson on YouTube.

Andy Warhol’s Tomato Trailer from Keith Stevenson

LA Times Interview with Derek Chariton