Pacific Resident Theatre Presents an Online Production

forgottoen souls

Saturday, December 4 at 4:30pm show - 5pm ZOOM
Sunday, December 5 at 4:30pm show - 5pm ZOOM

Each performance will be followed by a talkback on Zoom

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Directed By: Marilyn Fox & Rachel Berney Needleman

Actors (in order of appearance)
Lizzie - Dalia Vosylius
Fanny - Dana Jackson
Hindes - Leo Marks

forgottoen soulsPacific Resident Theatre presents “Forgotten Souls” by David Pinski, a voice from the great Yiddish Theatre. The short play is a meaningful, funny, and touching study of a woman's self sacrifice and reward, that explores the interplay of despair and hope that is still so relevant today.

The filming of this production took place in 2020 and was done with a new technology called OBS Ninja. When we filmed the play the technology was in it’s infancy. However, in spite of this new medium’s myriad difficulties, it allowed our actors, shooting from their homes each at different locations, to appear to be in the same room! We were able to film the play in this inventive way and it now enables us to finally present the play for you!

Please join us for Forgotten Souls and for an post show discussion on Zoom(see button below). We will light the menorah together in honor of Hanukkah and discuss the play and the production with directors Marilyn Fox and Rachel Berney Needleman.

david pinkskyDavid Pinski (April 5, 1872 – August 11, 1959) was a Yiddish language writer, probably best known as a playwright. At a time when Eastern Europe was only beginning to experience the industrial revolution, Pinski was the first to introduce to its stage a drama about urban Jewish workers; a dramatist of ideas, he was notable also for writing about human sexuality with a frankness previously unknown to Yiddish literature. He was also notable among early Yiddish playwrights in having stronger connections to German language literary traditions than Russian.

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