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Directed by: Michael Peretzian

Performed by: Alley Mills Bean and Michael Tulin

Alley Mills Bean Michael Tulin

Taken from Truman Capote’s touching and unforgettable autobiographical short story, and starring Alley Mills Bean and PRT founding member, Michael Tulin, this remarkably beautiful piece traces the relationship between seven year old Buddy and his elderly female best friend and cousin, Sook, during a Christmas in 1930.

This staged reading of Truman Capote's short story, A Christmas Memory, is presented by Pacific Resident Theatre with permission of The Truman Capote Literary Trust. Adapted by Madeline Puzo.

Director's Note
This video presentation of Truman Capote's memoir of his southern boyhood A CHRSTMAS MEMORY brings back many memories for me. In 1982, Gordon Davidson at the Mark Taper Forum invited me to direct this adaptation by Madeline Puzo for the Taper's literary cabaret series, "Sundays at the Itchy Foot". It was revived numerous times at the Taper during the holiday season with different casts, toured in an international theatre festival in Czechoslovakia and Poland, and subsequently revived by Pacific Resident Theatre in 1997. For me personally, it has a very special and warm part in my heart, the place where we keep memories of people in our lives whom we cherish and dearly miss. The story takes place during the Great Depression in America, and it never seemed more timely than this year to hear his heartwarming story again, at this time in our lives which resembles those trying times of the past as well as our difficult days in the present. Many it do the same for you.

Michael Peretzian

Pacific Resident Theater