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A safe place for writers working with good actors and directors, developing new plays. That’s what we have at the Writers group at Pacific Resident Theatre. It didn’t exist at our theatre until co-founder Valerie Dillman said, “We should start a writers group here. We have the space, we have the actors, we write…why not?” There was no reason why not. A few days later we put out a notice asking if the company had actors who were writers or were interested in writing. It didn’t have to be plays. It could be poetry, prose, whatever. All we asked for was passion and commitment, The first meeting attracted an eager group. Some brought poetry, some prose, but most brought stage plays, or pieces of them. Writing that would one day become award winning plays, published plays and plays that have touched and entertained people in other parts of the country. All because we are fortunate enough to have that safe space to experiment and play in.This isn’t to say it’s always been easy. Although we’ve always had the support of our artistic director, Marilyn Fox, it’s a handful of writers who have kept this group afloat. Through the years, we’ve had writers come and go and come back again. Still, at the end of the day, it’s a labor of love. One we plan to continue.


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