Pacific Resident Theatre Presented


by Percy MacKaye
May 12 to Aug 19, 2001.

Based on the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Gala Opening Held May 12, 2001

Directed by Charlie Stratton

The Ensemble: Orson Bean, Raye Birk, Tony Crane, Deborah Glenn, Joe Gold, Jackie Heinze, Gerritt Hockman, Steve Irish, Elizabeth Karr, Dennis Madden, Peter Mellencamp, Alley Mills, Judith Montgomery, Lesley Williams, Tom Wood

Produced By Sara Newman
Associate Producers Molly Shaffer, Matt Gottlieb

Set Design Kis Knekt,
Sound Design John Zalewski
Lighting Design Jill Proctor
Composer O-Lan Jones
Costume Design Audrey Eisner
Special Effects Chris Mabli
Technical Director Chris McCabe
Technical Associates Rush Gomez, Norman Scott
Stage Manager Sharon Duncan


One of the greatest delights in running a theatre is finding the unexpected or forgotten grand play. I had seen about 10 minutes of “The Scarecrow” on the “Hollywood Television Theatre” when I was in high school. It starred Gene Wilder as “The Scarecrow”, Norman Lloyd as “Dickon” and Blythe Danner as “Rachel”. I only saw one 10-minute scene but I never ever forgot it. I didn’t even know what the play was called. I was thrilled to happen upon it again, in a rare collection of Classic American Dramas. Its’ highly theatrical juxtapositioning of comedic melodrama and poignant truth delighted and moved me and seemed somehow so very important to put back out into the world.

Marilyn Fox

Just a detail: Orson Bean played “Capt. Bugby” in the Broadway production in 1953 with Eli Wallach as “Dickon”, Patricia Neal as “Goody Rickby”, and a young, unknown actor, James Dean, was “The Image in the Glass”.

The Scarecrow
This magical journey follows a clever scarecrow when he is brought to life as a man. A witching and comical adventure set in 17th century America touches the heart in this “Faust meets Wizard of Oz” moral/comedy.

CRITICS CHOICE – Los Angeles Times

“Going the ancient alchemist’s quest one better, Percy MacKaye’s “The Scarecrow” at Pacific Resident Theatre brilliantly explores the transmutation of base matter into something even more precious than gold: the human soul.” PHILIP BRANDES, LA Times. For the complete text of the LA Times review, click here

BACK STAGE WEST: May 31, 2001
Reviewed By Madeleine Shaner

LA WEEKLY – June 1-7 2001

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