Pacific Resident Theatre presents

A Time Trilogy

3 Evenings With Paul Linke

Written and Performed by Paul Linke

Produced by Kathi O’Donohue
Staged by Charles Nelson Reilly
Lighting Design by Kathi O’Donohue

Evening 1
Time Flies When You’RE Alive
(Dialogueson Home Birth and Home Death)
Directed by Mark W. Travis
Music By Francesca Draper Linke
Flag By Anders Holmquist

Evening 2
Life After Time
(A Widower’s journey through au pair dispair’ dating in the material world … and finding love again)
Directed by Robert Egan
Sound By Nathan Bimbaum

Evening 3
Father Time
(The Father, The Son & the wholly Monologist
3 Linkes in a chain)
Directed by Charles Nelson Reilly
Sound By John Given
Father Time Trilogy


“A TIME TRILOGY”” a celebration of life… “”Critic’s Choice” NY Times”…an unforgettable love story…”People Magazine”If you’re human, you’ll be interested.””Critics Choice” LA Times”…extraordinary…”Hollywood Reporter”TIMES FLIES WHEN YOU”RE ALIVE”The HBO presentation of this play won the Cable ACE AWARD

In this celebration of life and love, Linke tells his personal story of a “family’s journey into a sometimes terrifying world where humor and love are the only tools of survival.” Linke has created a one-man theatre piece about his late wife, Francesca, and their intense 10 year relationshiip, from their love-at-first sight meeting to her being told she had cancer to her death at home with Linke holding her hand. “Few events that take place on stage deserve to be called extraordinary. Paul Linke’s TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE ALIVE is one of those rare events” is how the Hollywood Reporter described this show.

“A Time Trilogy” 3 evenings with Paul Linke , produced by Kathi O’Donohue for the Pacific Resident Theatre, was extended through Sunday, August 29, 1999.

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