Pacific Resident Theatre


4th Show of our Subscription Season


Written by Brian Letscher

Directed by Elina De Santos
EXTENDED through April 28

With: Our Cast: Melissa Weber Bales (Rhinoceros, A View from the Bridge – LA Weekly Award nom – Leading Female Performance); Scott Conte (Big Love, Golden Boy, Anna Christie, Lulu, Rocket to the Moon, Lions, The Cherry Orchard); Zachary Grant (Rogue Machine’s Oppenheimer, Skylight Theatre’s Hostage, Odyssey Theatre’s Punk Rock. Film: Being Charlie directed by Rob Reiner); Michael Mantell (The Model Apartment at Geffen Playhouse, Broadway Bound at Odyssey, A Small Fire at Echo, The Tenth Man at Lincoln Center).

Scenic Designer David Mauer
Lighting Designer Leigh Allen
Sound Designer Christopher Moscatiello
Costume Designer Elizabeth Cox
Choreography/Movement Myrna Gawryn
Dance Sequence Choreography
Marwa Bernstein
Stage Manager Morgan Wilday

Produced by Terry Davis and Tania Getty

Performance schedule:
Thurs, Fri, Sat 8pm; Sun 3pm
thru March 31; starting April 13
Sat at 8pm & Sun at 3pm only.
Tickets: $25 to $34
(no shows April 4 to April 12)


Order online or
CALL 310-822-8392

This is the 4th show of our
2017/2018 Subscription Season.!

SMART LOVE is a new comedy with a twist about science, family and just how far human beings will go in order to salvage love. The Wachowski household is thrown upside down when their son makes a surprise visit home from MIT with an unexpected guest.


“Contemporary twist on what makes a human, human… tailor made for today’s science – and all the ethical and practical questions. The cast is letter perfect in conveying their emotional roller coaster rides through today’s digital world” Splash Magazines

Critics’ Choice. Under Elina de Santos’ breezy direction, the fine performances and a strikingly original premise peel away layers of high-tech artifice to find the human heart alive and well.LA Times

Audience Reactions to Smart Love

SMART LOVE playwright Brian Letscher found inspiration for his new play after another evening of choice and tech overload. Click here to watch a short video about his intrigue with Artificial Intelligence and our human struggle to adapt and thrive in our changing world.