Thanks to our generous donor, all of the Conservatory classes are offered to the community free, but spots are limited, so register soon!

Upcoming in our winter session, we are offering a weekly Improvisation class that will take place Wednesday evenings from 6PM to 7:30PM and a weekly Acting class that will take place Tuesday evenings from 6PM – 7:30PM! We will also be continuing with Saturday workshops for 9th – 12th grade!

Winter Weekly Class

Teacher: Peter Kors

Class Description: In this series of 5 workshops, students will examine a short one act play and create an arc, or through-line, for one of the characters. We will focus on the technique of “actioning,” a practical method for making scenes come alive. Required: bring a notebook and a writing tool. We will have an Open Studio event for an invited audience on the last day of class, December 11. All students are expected to attend every class to participate in the final event

Teacher Bio:Peter Kors is an actor, director and master teaching artist. He currently serves as Conservatory Director for Pacific Resident Theatre Youth Conservatory, and is on the artist roster of every major arts organization in Southern California.
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Teacher: Donna DuBain

Class Description:Donna DuBain will be teaching the Improv games of Viola Spolin, the Mother of Improvisation. Students will learn fun improv games that can be used a tool for auditioning, performing, or writing. Students will gain experience working with scene partners, thinking on their feet, and creating a believable world for the audience.

Teacher’s Bio: Donna Du Bain has spent most of her life on stage. After over 25 productions on the San Francisco stage, she moved to LA to begin her notorious career as a “serial” improvisational actor. She is a founding member of The Groundlings and then later found her Improv home with The Spolin Players.
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Winter Saturday Classes

Teacher: Peter Kors

Class Description: Discover the steps required to adopt the physical and emotional characteristics of a role, to create a believable, three-dimensional character.

Teacher’s Bio:  Peter Kors is an actor, director and master teaching artist. He currently serves as Conservatory Director for Pacific Resident Theatre Youth Conservatory, and is on the artist roster of every major arts organization in Southern California.

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Teacher: Kim Delgado

Class Description:
This three-hour COLD READING workshop is broken into three parts:
1. Class introductions. Warm up.
2. Audition process, for Film/TV, Theater.
3. Deciphering the materials; beats, character wants, establishing your
4. Executing a cold read audition. Each student will be paired with either a
male or female actor to do a 3min scene using the techniques discussed during the workshop.

Teacher’s Bio:  Kim Delgado was born in Brooklyn, New York. Kim’s parents were ardent lovers of the arts and at age thirteen introduced him to PAF-Playhouse in Huntington Long Island. Kim became an equity theater apprentice and studied while working on the main stage. At sixteen, Kim and went on tour with Trinity Sq. Repertory’s award- winning play “Brother to Dragons”. Kim went on to film the PBS special of the play, “Great Performances: Brother to Dragons” (1975), directed by Adrian Hall. After studying with Sandra Seacat, Ernie Martin, John Lithgow and Lee Strasberg, Kim graduated cum-laude from the Davis Center in New York City and went onto star with Lee Strasberg in the feature film Boardwalk (1979).

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Teacher: Suzanne Hunt

Class Description: Acting on Camera in Commercials is a foundational class for young actors who are new to auditioning or a valuable brush up for those looking to improve their skills and learn invaluable commercial booking techniques. Learning will be done on camera and will include specific skills for winning over casting directors within the first few seconds of an audition to improve your chances of booking the job. These techniques can be used in commercial and theatrical auditions to make you more castable.

Teacher’s Bio: Suzanne Hunt grew up in Los Angeles and since her teens, she has worked professionally in theatre, film and television both here and in New York. Suzanne has served as an Artistic Coordinator of the Classical Theatre Lab, a resident theatre company in West Hollywood since 2011. At CTL Suzanne produces and co-produces all lab presentations, directs staged readings and productions and coordinates the Tuesday night lab workshop with directors including Rob Nagle, Michael Arabian, Elizabeth Swain, Louis Fantasia, Peter Kors, Michael Murray, Nike Doukas, Rod Menzies to name just a few. Suzanne also serves as a liaison to the City of West Hollywood.

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Teacher: Moses Norton

Class Description: In this workshop we will explore some of the technical fixed point Isolation techniques made famous by artists such as Marcel Marceau and take a look at how these techniques can be practically applied to contemporary theater.

We will also explore the French Lecoq Style of metaphysical mime, currently being employed in university training programs internationally. This will focus on using the embodiment of elements I.e. earth, water, air, and fire to enhance vocal, character, and corporal expression.

One minute of prepared text is highly recommended but not required.

Teacher’s Bio: Moses Norton is a physical theatre artist, actor, director, acrobat, theater creator, and community-based arts facilitator. He graduated with an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, completed a year of Lecoq based physical theatre training at Estudis Berty Tovias in Barcelona Spain, and studied, Acting Physicality, Clown, and Improvisation at UC Santa Cruz.

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