Thanks to our generous donor, all of the Conservatory classes are offered to the community free, but spots are limited, so register soon!

Winter 2019 Classes

Teacher: Donna DuBain

Class Description: Donna DuBain will be teaching the Improv games of Viola Spolin, the Mother of Improvisation. Students will learn fun improv games that can be used a tool for auditioning, performing, or writing. Students will gain experience working with scene partners, thinking on their feet, and creating a believable world for the audience.

Teacher Bio: Donna Du Bain has spent most of her life on stage. In San Francisco, she was a lead actress with the prestigious Circus theatrical family that did west coast premiere’s of many successful productions such as Tom Paine and Futz. After over 25 productions on the San Francisco stage, she moved to LA to begin her notorious career as a “serial” improvisational actor. She is a founding member of The Groundlings and then later found her Improv home with The Spolin Players.

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Teacher: Peter Kors

Class Description: Taught by Conservatory Director Peter Kors. In this acting class, taught by Conservatory Director Peter Kors, students will learn to make their scenes come vividly alive by playing for high stakes; and winning.

Teacher Bio: Peter Kors is an actor, director and master teaching artist. He currently serves as Conservatory Director for Pacific Resident Theatre Youth Conservatory, and is on the artist roster of Los Angeles Opera, the Music Center Education Division, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, and Segerstrom Center for the Arts.

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Teacher: Moses Norton

Class Description: The purpose of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and practical skills required for both intelligibility on stage and dynamic range of character embodiment. Students will investigate their own language and the phonetics that create their unique language. Students will also learn about the anatomical structure and physical processes that create speech. By honing this knowledge, students will learn to control and manipulate their breath and musculature to affect their speech for both clarity and flexibility (dialect work).

Teacher Bio: Moses Norton is an award winning actor and director earning HFF Pick of The Fringe, Encore Award winner, Hollywood Short and Sweet People Choice and Judges Choice. He is also as theater faculty member at the Idyllwild Arts Academy, a veteran teaching Artist for the BRIDGE Theater Project, and artistic director of the bilingual community based theater company Tayer. Moses is proud to be represented by the Alvarado Rey Talent Agency and work behind the scene with Lodger Films Inc.

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