We offer a variety of classes for K-8 students. We are about to start our 2018 Winter Session.

These classes all take place between November 6, 2018 – December 14, 2018 from 3:30PM to 5:00PM.

Thanks to our generous donor, all of the Conservatory classes are offered to the community free, but spots are limited, so register soon!

Upcoming Winter Classes 2018

Teacher: Donna DuBain

Class Description: Donna DuBain will be teaching the Improv games of Viola Spolin, the Mother of Improvisation. Students will learn fun improv games that can be used a tool for auditioning, performing, writing, or handling social or school situations with grace, humor and confidence.

Teacher’s Bio:  Donna Du Bain has spent most of her life on stage. After over 25 productions on the San Francisco stage, she moved to LA to begin her notorious career as a “serial” improvisational actor. She is a founding member of The Groundlings and then later found her Improv home with The Spolin Players.
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Teacher: Keith Berger

Class Description: Mime artist and member of The Chameleons Mime Theatre, Keith Berger, provides workshops that teach students the ancient art of mime by using movement to express their imagination and to depict imagery, character, emotion and story. Employing The Chameleons’ very own method of teaching children, called Story Mime Theatre, students will develop skills in handling invisible objects (pantomime) to create a sense of “place” and “detail”, characterization, creative movement to interpret words, and engage in the art of silent story telling and narration mime. Students will learn techniques from the highly disciplined American Mime Theatre School, French pantomime of Marcel Marceau, as well as physical comedy skills from the great silent film era of Charlie Chaplin. Mostly, the children will have the opportunity to exercise their imaginations in a totally unique, creative and fun way.

Teacher’s Bio:  Keith Berger adheres to no one “doctrine” of physical theatre. His influences range from the classical French Pantomime of Barrault and Marceau to the forcefully dynamic American Mime Theatre style. A gifted teacher as well as performer, Berger has taught workshops and master classes in Physical Theatre and Mime throughout the U.S., including Cornell University, The Orange County Performing Arts Center, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Disney Animation Studios and also various cultural institutions in Europe and Asia. Over the years, Keith and Sharon have developed their own method of teaching theatre to children based on a concept they call Story Mime Theatre.

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Teacher: Peter Kors

Class Description: In this series of 5 workshops, we will create and perform our own version of the Greek myth “Orpheus and Eurydice.” We will focus on writing effective dialogue and exploring different theatre forms to express that dialogue. Required: bring a writing tool and notebook. Optional: bring your own electronic device from which you can send or receive emails and attachments. We will have an Open Studio event for an invited audience on the last day of class, December 14. All students are expected to attend every class to participate in the final event.

Teacher’s Bio:  Peter Kors is an actor, director and master teaching artist. He currently serves as Conservatory Director for Pacific Resident Theatre Youth Conservatory, and is on the artist roster of every major arts organization in Southern California.
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