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LA Times Reviews I Am Sophie

Review: Corinne Shor explores identity with style in solo piece 'I am Sophie' By F. Kathleen Foley Nov 18, 2018 | 1:10 PM Pacific Resident Theatre. (Marlow Everly / Pacific Resident Theatre) An ebullient woman bounds onstage, chattering in French so voluble it makes one want to go back in time to those high school foreign language lessons and pay more attention. This is Sophie (Corinne Shor), who has a French accent so thick you Read More

I Am Sophie The Stage Struck Review

“I Am Sophie”: Examining the Meaning of Identity Posted by Frances Baum Nicholson on September 1, 2018 Corinne Shor – playwright and performer of “I am Sophie,” presented by LA Vie Theatre [photo: Marlow Everly} The entire idea of identity is one which has come increasingly to the forefront of modern conversation. What makes someone who they are? What if what they see in the mirror isn’t who they feel they are inside? Read More

La Vie Theatre Presents “I am Sophie” Written by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

La Vie Theatre Presents “I am Sophie” “I am Sophie” written and performed by Corinne Show, directed by Susan Angelo runs through September 2. Running August 17 through September 2, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm & Sunday September 2 at 5pm, August 31 & September 1 at 4pm & 8pm “I Am Sophie” is a one women play about one woman who becomes another. But it’s a little bit more beautifully complicated Read More

Stage Raw Reviews I Am Sophie

I am Sophie. Reviewed by Julia Stier RECOMMENDED “I like me so much better in French,” declares a wide-eyed, charismatic Sophie (Corrine Shor), her thick French accent lilting and flirtatious. Sophie, who has returned home from Paris to care for her ailing father in Minneapolis, is seeing her family for the first time since moving to France. And they’re not taking it well. Because, well, Sophie was born Kate – plain-Jane, American Read More

I AM SOPHIE by Corinne Shor Takes Audiences on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Re-Invention

Review: I AM SOPHIE by Corinne Shor Takes Audiences on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Re-Invention by Shari Barrett Aug. 21, 2018 Have you ever wondered what it might be like to re-invent yourself and completely start over as someone else? Perhaps, like me, you spent a lot of time in another country, speaking another language and watching yourself become more like the citizens who live there, totally comfortable in Read More

Abbott Skinny Reviews Baby Doll

Baby Doll @ Pacific Resident Theatre Red hot forbidden love and mind games in the delta of Venice. Baby Doll @ Pacific Resident Theater

In the first act of “Baby Doll”, we meet Archie Lee, an older hapless cotton-gin owner drilling a peephole to ogle his sleeping bride-to-be, nineteen-year-old Baby Doll. Archie obsessively fawns over an exasperated Baby Doll throughout the play waiting to consummate a deal he made with her Read More

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Venice Update: Alright Then,” starring the Beans, is the Best!

Orson and Alley Mills Bean keep the audience laughing for 80 minutes in “Alright Then” By Reta Moser It was a delight! It is a must see for Venetians. I am talking about the Beans’ and their latest hit “Alright Then” at the the Pacific Resident Theatre on Venice Blvd. Show just opened. After the fast 80 minutes, I thought these two are one of the reasons I live in and love Venice. Read More

LA Times: Celebrate love. Orson Bean and Alley Mills show us how in ‘Alright Then’

By Daryl H. Miller Feb 09, 2018 | 6:00 AM Orson Bean and Alley Mills in their autobiographical show "Alright Then." (Jeff Lorch) Steering the autobiographical stage show "Alright Then" toward its wrap-up, Orson Bean reaches toward his wife, Alley Mills, and grasps her hand as he announces that what he most wants to tell the audience about is "the miracle — and I do mean miracle — of how on earth you Read More

Alright Then Review – A Charming Tale of Love Found

January 31, 2018 Elaine Mura Entertainment 0 Orson Bean and Alley Mills are poignantly engaging as lovers who beat the odds and find each other later in life. The autobiographical story covers the years before their meeting – and after – to charm the audience with their fresh and gentle view of a relationship that was meant to be. Orson Bean and Alley Mills – Photo by Jeff Lorch Directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos, Read More