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Pacific Resident Theatre Presents an Online Production

A Selection of Sixty Years of
Letters from the Lower East Side
to The Jewish Daily Forward

Sunday, June 13 at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT
Sunday, June 20 at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT

Each performance will be followed by a talkback on Zoom

Developed & Directed By: Carol Rusoff

Executive Producer: Marilyn Fox


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cracker factory“A Bintel Brief”, Yiddish for “A Bundle of Letters”, was an advice column in the Jewish Daily Forward wherein European Jewish immigrants, living on the lower East Side of New York, unburdened their hearts and revealed their deepest truths.


PRT’s production of A “Bintel Brief” is an online dramatized documentary style performance of these letters, enacted by the PRT Company. Originally written in Yiddish, these letters were sent to The Jewish Daily Forward from 1907 to 1967.

Abraham Cahan
Abraham Cahan, the editor of the Forward, dispensed shrewd, practical, perceptive and fair-minded advice to generations of bewildered Eastern European Jewish immigrants, helping them learn about their new country and way of life.

The column ran for eighty years, providing a forum for seeking advice and support in the face of problems and challenges ranging from wrenching spiritual dilemmas to family squabbles; situations which arise when old world meets new.

Beautifully translated into English by Diana Shalet Levy and edited by Isaac Metzger, “A Bintel Brief” is a remarkable record of Jewish immigrant life in America.

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