Bean wrote ALRIGHT THEN as a companion piece to his 2016 hit, SAFE AT HOME, Winner of the LA Drama Critics “Best Solo Show of the Year” award. Alley Mills (The Wonder Years) joins her husband, veteran of film , stage and television, in their new two person show.

ALRIGHT THEN is the story of how two people, who by all odds should not have wound up together, have “made it”. The play is told through humor, pathos and the occasional song … and is an unforgettable night of theatre. Please join us for the true story and magical journey of these incredible artists.

TRUE WEST  In one of the greatest plays ever penned by one of the greatest American playwrights, we are invited to spend some time with Lee and Austin. Two brothers, one a straight laced family man and screenwriter, the other a volatile drifter, find themselves in close quarters at their Mother’s house for the first time in years. Austin is hoping for some peace and quiet to write a screenplay and close a big deal. Unfortunately, Lee’s unexpected arrival dashes those hopes and sends the brothers into a downward spira.l of anger, booze, broken dreams, violence, and worst of all … truth.

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