Eugene Ionesco’s comic masterpiece. In a small provincial town outside of Paris, the citizens discover how quickly one’s sense of humanity can be eroded when facing the dangers of a herd mentality. A timely and brilliant indictment of impending fascism by this master of Avant-Garde Theater. SUBSCRIBE NOW! RHINOCEROS is the first show of our PRT 2017/2018 Subscription Season.


S.T.A.T. and The Ballad of Barback.   S.T.A.T. A young woman battles the devastating repercussions of her sister’s anorexia in order to try and hold her family together. Weaving together trauma with Danish fairytale, the story explores the ways in which fantasy can save our lives and addiction can disintegrate them.

“The Ballad Of The Barback”  A modern-day western standoff between a man and his addictions in The Wild West that is the Los Angeles service industry. 

Cigarettes and Chocolate In Cigarettes and Chocolate, this brilliant writer (The English Patient, Truly, Madly, Deeply), takes a humorous and human look at London life in the 1980’s that tests the social responsibilities of urbanites, who as Minghella said, quoting Oscar Wilde, “know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Coupled with Hang Up, this is a stunning evening of two rarely performed works originally written to be performed on radio

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