Andy Warhol’s Tomato When a teenage Andy Warhol finds himself in the basement of a working class bar in Pittsburg, PA he gets inspiration, guidance and friendship from a surprising source.



All My Sons…  Arthur Miller’s Tony Award Winning All My Sons first opened in 1947 and was inspired by a story from an Ohio Newspaper on an aircraft factory’s troubled contracts during the war. The entire play takes place over one day in the yard of the Midwestern home of the Keller’s in August 1946. Kate, Joe and Chris Keller’s home is a neighborhood hub, on this day the expected and unexpected return of two former neighbors, Ann and George, stir up the secrets of the past and expose who is family and how we justify the sacrifice we make for family.


SCHMALTZ   Four extraordinary, talented musicians, two from Eastern Europe, one from LA and one from NYC, have embraced the modes, melodies and rhythms of the Eastern European Jewish folk music called Klezmer. Mix in their urban exposure to classical music, blues, jazz, Indian and Middle Eastern music and you get SCHMALTZ!


If You Are Reading This.   The Hoffman family meets to sell their late mother’s Upper East Side brownstone and divide a houseful and lifetime of memories. Ancient dramas of childhood run smack into the fresh grief of mourning. Confusion about their mother’s death and about each of their roles in her illness and demise threatens to escalate into an all-out war, but instead, becomes a path to deeper intimacy. What does it mean to be in midlife and fear you’ve made all the wrong choices? What does it mean to carry unbearable burdens? What does it mean to trust in everything that family is, but also accept everything it isn’t and can never be…

Rachel Sorsa Band consists of Serge Kasimoff on piano (a jazz pianist, arranger and composer with a specialty in Latin music styles); Gus Duffy on drums (former drummer with Jefferson Airplane and world-renowned architect); Andy Allen on bass (upright bass instructor at USC); Preston Gould on trumpet (TaylorMade tour) and Rachel Sorsa, vocals/lyricist (Ovation-nominated actress; LA Weekly and LADCC awards;BroadwayWorld nomination, Best Lead Actress in a Musical for Rosemary Clooney TENDERLY; recording artist with Big Surprise Music/Grammy-nominated Rob Mullins).


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