SMART LOVE is a new comedy with a twist about science, family and just how far human beings will go in order to salvage love. The Wachowski household is thrown upside down when their son makes a surprise visit home from MIT with an unexpected guest.




I AM SOPHIE is an exploration of identity in which you become the confidante to Sophie Carter, formerly known as Kate Carter. Sophie is a changed woman returning to the United States after living in Paris. She comes home to take care of her father and when she arrives, her loved ones meet Sophie for the first time. What follows is an existential adventure. With humor and an aching heart, Sophie has us all wondering – “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?”




In FOOL FOR LOVE,  written by Sam Shepard, one of America’s greatest playwrights, “Love is a battlefield on which nobody wins.”
(- NY Times) FOOL FOR LOVE takes us on a wild-ride exploring the deep passion and desperation that keeps pulling two people together into a seductive, yet destructive cycle. Join May and Eddie in Shepard’s mythical American West as they attempt to reconcile their love with the haunting truth  of their past.  






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