Andy Warhol’s Tomato When a teenage Andy Warhol finds himself in the basement of a working class bar in Pittsburg, PA he gets inspiration, guidance and friendship from a surprising source.


All My Sons…  Arthur Miller’s Tony Award Winning All My Sons first opened in 1947 and was inspired by a story from an Ohio Newspaper on an aircraft factory’s troubled contracts during the war. The entire play takes place over one day in the yard of the Midwestern home of the Keller’s in August 1946. Kate, Joe and Chris Keller’s home is a neighborhood hub, on this day the expected and unexpected return of two former neighbors, Ann and George, stir up the secrets of the past and expose who is family and how we justify the sacrifice we make for family.


Alex Bloom In Concert Meshing contemporary sounds with classic sensibilities, Alex Bloom lets his emotions be the driving force behind a unique sense of songwriting that is entirely his own. 

Tim Cameron, Kendall Day & Jerelyn Weinstein. Singer-songwriter and film composer Tim Cameron and PRT member Kendall Day are joined by special guest Jerelyn Weinstein for a friendly evening of singing together.



Strings, Swings and Things   Violinist Dr. Yvette M. Devereaux was last at PRT with ‘Schmaltz’ and now brings her own ensemble playing a little of everything from Swing to Pop!! Tunes from 1900-present. A bit of swinging, strumming and more.