Next Sunday Concert:


March 31st at 7:30.
With Joellen Lapidus, Leo Chelyapov, Yvette Devereaux and Igor Kogan

Seating and light refreshments at 7:00pm.
Program begins at 7:30pm

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at (310) 822-8392

Four extraordinary, talented musicians, two from Eastern Europe, one from LA and one from NYC, have embraced the modes, melodies and rhythms of the Eastern European Jewish folk music called Klezmer. Mix in their urban exposure to classical music, blues, jazz, Indian and Middle Eastern music and you get SCHMALTZ!

Yvette Devereaux’s electrifying, cascading, haunting violin, and Leo Chelyapov’s soaring, chuckling clarinet are an explosion of dazzling musical technique. Joellen Lapidus’ accordion and Igor Kogan’s upright bass generate Klezmer’s sometimes delicate, sometime fierce infectious rhythms.
It’s very rich!

That’s why we call ourselves SCHMALTZ!
Join us for this lively event!!

This concert takes place in our newly renovated space at 705 Venice Blvd.Take a listen and hear for yourself:

Pacific Resident Theater