For many successful seasons, Alley Mills played Norma Arnold, the delectable wife and mother, on the smash ABC series, THE WONDER YEARS. More importantly, in 1993, she married the delightful actor, reconteur, magician, comic, not to mention wunderkind, Orson Bean.

Alley Mills began her career playing a lion in the Miss Spencer School for Girls production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Shakespeare has never been the same and Alley has been roaring right along ever since.

From that stunning success, it was only a step up to Yale University, where she was among one of the first female undergraduates ever admitted to that august institution. From Yale and a subsequent BA in drama, Alley ventured on to London and the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, where she secured her MA.

Her first professional appearance was in the New York Off Broadway theatrical venue, performing opposite Geraldine Fitzgerald in the New York Festival production of A COLLIER’s FRIDAY NIGHT. Then it was onto the road in the national tour of ROMEO AND JULIET, again by Shakespeare for whom the lady has a definite affinity. Gossip it has it that if Alley Mills were performing Shakespearean roles way back then, the Bard might still be alive and writing today.
Crossing the country to the West Coast, Alley became a stalwart of the Los Angeles theatrical scene at the mark Taper Forum, the Odyssey and the Matrix Theatres.
In short order she was featured on television in THE ASSOCIATES opposite Martin Short and in Gary Goldberg’s telefilm, THE BUREAU. Following these initial exposures to the small screen, she became a familiar face in the households of America by appearing on MAKING THE GRADE, MOONLIGHTING, LOU GRANT, HILL STREET BLUES, and I MARRIED DORA. She finally came to full fledged stardom of her own on the highly successful series THE WONDER YEARS. Presaging her real life starring role as the love of Orson Bean’s life, she guest starred in THE OTHER WOMAN with Hal Linden, THE ATLANTA CHILD MURDERS, STARTING OVER starring Stephanie Powers and in support of Susan Day in the ABC TV Movie, I LOVE YOU PERFECT.

Displaying her facility with audiences and the sometimes indelicate art of ad lib, Alley hosted THE HOME SHOW and stood in for Vicki Lawrence for some episodes of THE VICKI SHOW when Miss Lawrence vacationed.

In the magical world of theatrical cinema, Alley has appeared opposite Frank Langella in DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE, the hopefully forgotten YOUNG LUST, which she has obviously survived and as the female lead opposite John Candy in GOING BERSERK. After the final episodes of THE WONDER YEARS, Alley appeared in a TV movie with Raquel Welch, which is a bit like stuffing beauty with beauty, then performed in a two hour version of DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN in which she portrayed Jane Seymour’s bitchy sister. Obviously, there was no type casting involved. Alley also filmed the part of a “lipstick lesbian” for a TV show called POPULAR and a lead role in a 4 hour NBC mini-series called THE BEACH BOYS.

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