Presented by Pacific Theatre Ensemble
and Frank Stewart

The Sound and The Fury

Adapted from the second chapter of William Faulkner’s
The Sound And The Fury
by Anthony Grumbach and D. Paul Yeuell
June 2nd, 1910

Arrangements and Original Music Deeana Pampena
Assistant Director Judith Johnson
Produced by Anthony Grumback, D. Paul Yeuell, Wortham Krimmer

Directed by D. Paul Yeuell

Cast: Anthony Grumbach, Randy Oglesby,
Ben Meyerson, Casey Daly, Hunt Burdick,
Deeana Pampena, Stephanie Shroyer,
Geoff Elliott, Casey Daly, Gretchen Oehler,
Carla Obert,

Pacific Resident Theater